Can We Convert HVLP To LVLP Spray Gun?

If you are a professional painter and want to change the paint type, it is not necessary to buy a new spray gun because you yourself can convert your HVLP spray gun to an LVLP spray gun at home.

Yes absolutely, it is possible to convert HVLP Spray Gun to an LVLP Spray gun. In order to convert an HVLP spray gun to an LVLP spray gun, the painter should have a conversion kit that includes a tube, a nozzle adapter, a regulator, the new air supply hoses, and a pressure gage (meter).

How To Convert An HVLP Spray Gun To LVLP Spray Gun?

Although the conversion process is a little complicated, and you need to consult a professional, the manufacturer’s instructions may help you.

How To Convert An HVLP Spray Gun To LVLP Spray Gun

The conversion kit must be installed according to the type of air compressor, the painter is using. First, you will have to install the regulators in different positions corresponding to the output pressure of the air compressor.

Secondly, attach new hoses which are connected to both ends of this conversion kit. Thirdly, attach a regulator for controlling pressure onto the converted spray gun.

How To Convert HVLP Spray Gun To LVLP Spray Gun?

For converting an HVLP Spray Gun to LVLP Spray Gun, follow the steps;

  • #1: Open the screws of the guns with a screwdriver which will enable you to take off the upper part of the guns
  • #2: Disconnect the input hose and take out the filter screen
  • #3: Take out the head of the HVLP spray gun from the hose and fix it onto an LVLP spray gun
  • #4: Take off the nozzle from an HVLP spray gun and fix it onto an LVLP spray gun or vice versa depending on whether you are changing from LVLP or an HVLP paint spray gun
  • #5: Remove the air cap on the rear of the gun
  • #6: Remove the needle, stem, and washer
  • #7: Replace with an LVLP needle and stem, and then install a washer over them
  • #8: Thread the HVLP spray gun’s nozzle over the end of the LVLP spray gun’s hose
  • #9: Attach a new set of screws and fill it with paint.
  • #10: Locate your HVLP spray gun’s air reducer, fitted near the nozzle on the top of the gun
  • #11: Use a sealant to cover threads on the rear of the gun, and then screw back on the air cap
  • #12: Remove it and then attach a fitting size for your new LVLP spray pattern
  • #13: Reassemble as needed, then test out your

Factors Affecting On Conversion Of HVLP To LVLP

There are many factors that will affect the conversion process.

  • #1: The type of HVLP gun you have to convert into an LVLP gun
  • #2: The air compressor hooked up to it, and the paint thickness
  • #3: Identifying whether you have an HVLP or LVLP spray gun
  • #4: If you have an HVLP paint sprayer, then this conversion should be fairly straightforward
  • #5: If you have an LVLP paint sprayer, then they will need to remove and adjust


When you are converting an HVLP spray gun to an LVLP spray gun, be careful that;

  • #1: Unscrew and remove the parts carefully
  • #2: Keep the parts of both guns separately
  • #3: Use a tape or thread to readjust them
  • #4: Reassemble the parts gently and softly
  • #5: Avoid damaging the parts

Want to know which one is better for painting, watch below video tutorial.


The conversion process of an HVLP spray gun to an LVLP spray gun is a little difficult, but not impossible to do. Professional painters mostly do the job easily by following the manufacturer’s instructions. You can convert an HVLP spray gun to an LVLP spray gun or vice versa according to your work requirements.


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