Can I Paint A Car Using An Lvlp Spray Gun?

Painting a car using an LVLP spray gun is quite a complicated task and it may be difficult to do in the beginning. But with a little practice, you can do it easily.

LVLP spray guns are used in the industry providing the top coating staples of clears, lacquers, metallic, and pearls. These LVLP guns work better because of low pressure and fine atomization.  They can provide perfect delivery to ensure a showroom-like finish.

If you have your own car and want to learn how to Paint a Car Using an LVLP Spray Gun, reading this guide carefully will help you to do the painting job easily.

Necessary Materials Required for Painting A Car

If the old paint of your car is spoiled and you want to paint it again, make sure to have the necessary supplies with you like

  1. a power sander
  2. sanding pads
  3. a paint sprayer
  4. an air compressor
  5. enamel
  6. paint thinner
  7. a cleaning solvent
  8. newspaper
  9. masking tape
  10. primer
  11. safety glasses
  12. a face mask
  13. a clear coat lacquer
  14. and a rag, etc.

Primary Instructions for Painting A Car

While painting a car with LVLP Spray Gun, follow the instructions;

  • #1: Collect the material for the work
  • #2: Keep the paint according to the size and areas of the painting
  • #3: Cut off the damaged part of your car, weld it or repair it
  • #4: Trim the rusty spot of the car to make it ready for paint
  • #5: Select the color of paint you want to apply
  • #6: Fix the proper time, place, and weather when and where you want to paint a car with LVLP Spray Gun
  • #7: Always select well lit, a well-ventilated workplace where electricity must be available
  • #8: Avoid choosing residential garages and remove fire-catching material which is very dangerous.
  • #9: Avoid painting work under trees because there may be dust and birds’ excretion which can damage the paint

Primary Instructions for Painting A Car

How To Paint A Car Using An LVLP Spray Gun?

When you use an LVLP spray gun for painting a car, you should follow the process.

  • #1: Your car surface should be even and smooth for the paint. So first of all, sand it in a circular motion to bare the metal making it ready for a new coat of paint.
  • #2: Always use a rag, alcohol, or mineral spirits to wash the surfaces of the car removing oil or greasy residues, and make it ready for painting
  • #3: Use masking tape to cover the surface of the car, you want to leave unpainted like window trim, glass, door handles grills, and mirrors
  • #4: After sanding down the car surface to the exposed metal, apply a self-etching primer to make it ready for further coating
  • #5: Sand the primed surface once again to scratch the extra sprayed primer and wash it thoroughly
  • #6: When the surface is ready for painting a clear coat, use an LVLP spray gun to paint.
  • #7: Hold the spray gun tightly keeping it about 6 inches away from your car’s surface
  • #8: Move the gun side to side spraying paint in thin and flat coats
  • #9: Apply 3 to 4 coats to cover the surface. But make sure to dry the first coat as it may take about 30 minutes to an hour
  • #10: For spraying the last coat, sand the surfaces once more to remove the powdery residue
  • #11: After completing the entire paint coat, spray lacquer to make it shining, glittering, and eye-catching but it must be handled carefully with high professional technique
  • #12: Finally, remove the masking tape, let the last coat dry and clean the material over sprayed or smudges on the surface

Video Tutorial


If the old paint of your car is damaged and you want to repaint it to make it beautiful and attractive, you should know the painting art.

Using an LVLP spray gun, you can do your painting work easily because it is a very common and easy way of working. You just need some practice in performing the job.


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