How To Paint With HVLP Spray Tan Gun?

Basically, the HVLP spray tan gun is used for spraying a solution on men’s bodies with the help of a motor-powered fan. This fan mixes the tanning solution well with air and then releases this solution in the shape of mist through its nozzle covering the body.

The HVLP spray tan gun is a very important tool used mostly in saloons, where the operator stands away from the recipient keeping the tan gun less than 5-6 inches from its body. There must be the right angle of spraying to keep your skin safe.

But if you want to paint with an HVLP spray tan gun, it is not difficult to operate it. It can help you to paint small surfaces with a smooth and fine finish. It wastes less material, less overheating, and causes less noise.

Whether you use an HVLP spray tan gun professionally or work at home, it can give better results if used properly.

The material sprayed should be diluted well befitting the size of the nozzle. If you want to learn how to use an HVLP spray tan gun, read this article, and understand each step well.

How To Adjust HVLP Spray Tan Gun?

HVLP spray tan gun needs different settings for performing different operations. It should be used rightly to achieve smooth results.

For regulating the flow of the tanning solution, it needs a suitable and perfect size nozzle. You can change the speed of the gun to fulfill your tanning requirements.


If you don’t know how to use an HVLP spray tan gun, first familiarize yourself with the parts of your gun.

It is very important to learn about the functions of each part to adjust it rightly. Let’s discuss the adjustments of your HVLP spray tan gun step by step.

Step #1

First of all, fill the cup of the applicator with water and spray to wash out the filth and debris gathered during shipping. It saves the applicator from clogging or spotty spraying.

Step #2

Secondly, adjust the nozzle vertically or horizontally as you need to work. While spraying up and down, set the notches of the nozzle to 6 and 12 positions to spray in the horizontal fan.

But if you spray side to side, set the notches of the nozzle to 3 and 9 positions to spray in the vertical fan.

Step #3

Thirdly, adjust the control knob pattern.

  • #1: Rotate it backward to set it in a wide fan shape to paint full body
  • #2: Rotate it forward to set it in a circle shape to paint
  • #3: Rotate it halfway(between both settings) to close the wide fan shape and avoid overspray

Step #4

Fourthly, adjust the fluid control knob pattern. When you pull the trigger, the amount of solution released will be determined. This adjustment depends on the following factors.

  • #1: Thicknesses of the solution, if it is thin, close the gun. If it is thick, open the gun.
  • #2: Spraying speeds, if you spray slowly, close the gun. If you spray fast, open the gun.
  • #3: Distance between the gun and the recipient’s body, if you spray closely, closes the gun. If you spray the distant body, open the gun.
  • #4: Turning the fluid control knob to the right will close the airway and the solution will not release.
  • $5: Turning the fluid control knob to the left will open the airway and the solution will release.

How To Paint With HVLP Spray Tan Gun?

  • #1: Clean the body or surface to remove the residues from it
  • #2: Make the surface ready for painting.
  • #3: Rub the surface and make it even and flat
  • #4: Tape the place, you want to keep unpainted
  • #5: Mix the paint well to get the right consistency or flow
  • #6: Filter the solution with a stain/sieve
  • #7: Select a well-lit and well-ventilated place for painting
  • #8: Determine the time when the weather is fine
  • #9: Apply primer on the surface making it ready for absorbing the next paint coat
  • #10: Sand the surface again after primer to rub the bubbles the paint dried
  • #11: Wash the surface with water and let it dry for the next coat
  • #12: Spray the paint on the surface using an HVLP spray tan gun
  • #13: Keep 6 inches  distance between the gun and the surface
  • #14: Move the gun horizontally, or vertically for spraying a coat of paint
  • #15: Spray paint 3 to 4 times to cover the surface
  • #16: Let the painted surface for 30 minutes to dry before spraying the next coat
  • #17: Before the last painting coat, sand once more to get the soft finishing
  • #18: Spray lacquer to make your body shining and attractive
  • #19: Now remove the tape from the area you spare
  • #20: Clean your HVLP Spray Tan Gun well and keep it safe

It is not difficult to paint with HVLP Spray Tan Gun but to complete the process smoothly, you must know the art of mixing paint, adjusting the gun, and operating it in the right way to get the required result.

How To Clean HVLP Spray Tan Gun?

When you use your HVLP Spray Tan Gun continuously, it needs cleaning to keep it safe. The gun can work well if you maintain it well. You should clean the gun following the instructions given below;

Daily Cleaning

  • #1: After every use, take warm water and run it through the gun
  • #2: Use a cleaning solution to clean your gun
  • #3: Fill the fluid tank with warm water and pull the trigger until it sprayed all the paint and comes with clear water
  • #4: Scratch the dried smudges of paint or droplets sticking somewhere
  • #5: Use a clean cloth or towel to dry your gun
  • #6: At the end of your work the day, disassemble the main parts of the gun and clean it thoroughly
  • #7: Don’t soak the whole gun in the water to avoid any damage

In-Depth Cleaning

  • #1: After using the gun constantly for one month, get it cleaned well and thoroughly
  • #2: Unplug the gun from the switch
  • #3: Disassemble the cup, nozzle, needle, and other main parts of the gun
  • #4: Lose all the adjustments to remove the filth or stains of the paint
  • #5: Open the hose pipe to clean it
  • #6: After cleaning and drying, adjust the parts the same as before
  • #7: Use oil or grease while adjusting the nozzle, needle, and all threads well


  • #1: Keep a neat and clean working station
  • #2: Avoid ignitable material and unclear weather
  • #3: Adjust all the parts carefully and mix the tanning solution well
  • #4: Avoid spraying under the influence of drugs
  • #5: Wear safety clothes, glasses, shoes, etc.

Here are some tips for using Hvlp Spray Tan Gun that you can watch;

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Spray Tan Solution Be Mixed With Lotion?

Yes, the spray tan solution can be mixed with lotion but it is very liquid and can give uneven results.

It depends on the type of lotion and ingredients. The lightweight plain lotion or Baby Lotion is good one.

Can A Paint Sprayer Be Used For Spray Tan?

Yes, you can use it. But you need a number of passes to coat it effectively as it has a spray pattern of 3-4 inches.

What Type Of Paint Can Be Used In An HVLP Spray Gun?

Generally, oil-based paint can be used in an HVLP spray gun because thicker paints can clog the sprayer. If you want to use water paint/ latex paint, mix it well and stir thoroughly to get the right consistency.

How Often Should I Clean My Spray Tan Gun?

You should clean your spray tan gun daily at the end of the day or when it needs cleaning. And after using a month continuously, clean it thoroughly. Before cleaning, disconnect your spray tan gun from the air hose.


HVLP spray tan gun is very important in the market of spray guns. Although it is used in saloons, it can also be used for spraying paint. As it is a high-volume low-pressure gun, so it can work well for spraying paint.

But you should have to use the right nozzle and adjust the gun properly for achieving the best results. Further, when you use this spray tan gun for paint, it needs cleaning continuously as it may not get clogged.


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