How To Use Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun?

Harbor Freight, a leading American tools-making Industry headquartered in California, is very famous for manufacturing automotive tools. The paint industry has flourished due to the use of these tools.

Different types of modern spray guns have made painting work easier and faster and they are very perfect for the beginner. These guns are also affordable and easy to use.

These spray guns have replaced the traditional brush and paint roller system although they are still in use. Using a paint spray gun, you can paint a surface with a fine finish.

If you are a beginner in the painting field and are interested more than professionals, it is better for you to choose small projects.

These projects will be less painstaking and less difficult for you, but a big project may bother you.

Some Basic Information About Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun

If you are a beginner and want to learn how to operate an HVLP spray gun, first you should grip at a basic understanding of the painting job and the use of a gun.

It will lead you to the next level of understanding in an easier manner. Without knowing the basics, moving ahead is very slow.

My Choice

Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun

This general-purpose gravity feed spray gun uses high volume, low pressure (HVLP) for high output with lower over-spray.

  • High volume, low pressure (HVLP) spray gun
  • It comes with less overspray
  • Ideal for spraying base coats and primers
  • High versatility for automotive and hobby projects

The Harbor Freight HVLP Spray gun is an amazing tool in your hand to spray paint to accomplish your small projects. . In this technological period, people mostly prefer spray guns over traditional painting methods.

If you are a professional painter, the Harbor Freight HVLP spray guns are more suitable for you.

But if you are wondering how to use the harbor freight HVLP spray gun rightly, don’t overthink it.

This article will help you to understand the art of spraying with a harbor freight HVLP spray gun.

Important Parts Of The Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun

The harbor freight professional spray gun has many parts. But some are very important for you to understand.

#1. Needle

If you want to learn the use of an HVLP spray gun, look at the long metal-like part called a needle which is a very important basic part.

Normally, these needles are 1.4 mm used for thinner paint and 1.8 mm used for thicker paint. You can change the needle according to the quality and viscosity of the paint.

#2. Pressure Control

For spraying with a harbor freight HVLP spray gun, it is also very necessary to adjust the pressure of the gun so that the compressor regulator provides the required pressure to your HVLP gun.

Before you pull the trigger, adjust the air pressure according to the size of the needle. Now open the valve slowly until the air volume stables and gives the hissing sound.

#3. Controlling The Fan

There is a knob at the back of the HVLP spray gun, which controls the diameter for proper outcoming of the fluid.

The diameter can spray out more as you open it more but I suggest keeping it at 2-3 count only.

When the trigger is pulled, first of all, only the air comes out, and then comes out the paint.

There should be a distance of 6-8 inches between the HVLP spray gun and the surface. The adjustment of the fan must reach the Fan Control.

#4. Fluid Volume Control

At the back of the HVLP spray gun, there is another knob, which controls the fluid volume. It should be adjusted keeping the trigger on until the proper paint comes out.

How Does The Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun Works?

Let’s talk about the technical aspects of the spray gun.

  1. #1: When the trigger is turned on, the paint reaches the nozzle coming from inside.
  2. #2: The air reaches from the air inlet.
  3. #3: They mix together in the nozzle and come out in the shape of small droplets.
  4. #4: These droplets hit the surface and spread wide on it.
  5. #5: Now they make a smooth layer on the surface after connecting with one another.
  6. #6: Your fine-painted surface is ready and glowing.

How To Use Harbor Freight Spray Gun?

The following instructions are recommended to learn the right way to use Harbor Freight Spray Gun.

  1. Step#1: Select the paint of your choice and mix it.
  2. Step#2: Take a sieve and filter the paint well.
  3. Step#3: Fill almost ¾ part of the cup of your gun with paint.
  4. Step#4: Attach the cup to your HVLP spray gun after filling it with paint.
  5. Step#5: Now spray on paper or cardboard just to check the adjustment of the gun and paint.
  6. Step#6: If you find some disturbance while testing, change the air pressure.
  7. Step#7: Adjust rightly the fan controlling button using the topmost knob.
  8. Step#8: Change the direction of the fan according to the paint.
  9. Step#9: If the knob of the spray gun is all the way in, the gun will make lines or dots.
  10. Step#10: If the knob of the spray gun is all the way out, the gun will cover a wide area.
  11. Step#11: Now the paint volume should be adjusted using the knob under the fan.
  12. Step#12: Screw the knob out creating more room for the paint and getting thick coverage.
  13. Step#13: Now your Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun is ready to spray paint.
  14. Step#14: Apply the paint to the surface to get the glittering result.

Wait and read some precautionary measures for the safe use of the Harbor Freight spray gun;

Some Precautionary Measures

After learning how to set up a harbor freight HVLP spray gun, you should strictly follow the following precautions for the safe use of the gun.

#1. Precautions Regarding Personal Safety

  1. #1: Always stay alert while operating the gun.
  2. #2: Don’t use the gun when you are tired or under the influence of medication or drugs.
  3. #3: Always wear a proper dress fitted to your body.
  4. #4: Cover your head with a hard cap or clothe.
  5. #5: Cover your hands with gloves and feet with non-skid safety shoes.
  6. #6: Usefully covered glasses to protect your eyes.

#2. Precautions Regarding Working Place

  1. #1: Keep your working place neat and clean.
  2. #2: Remove all the inflammable particles if they are nearby.
  3. #3: Keep away the children and other visitors from the workstation.
  4. #4: Arrange the lights at your workstation.

#3. Precautions Regarding The Use Of A Gun

  1. #1: Don’t use the gun forcing it anywhere.
  2. #2: Disconnect the gun from the air if some adjustments are required.
  3. #3: Check the leakage in the gun and breakage in the parts if any.
  4. #4: Don’t use the gun if you find some blockage in the nozzle.
  5. #5: Clean the gun after using it with oil, water, and a neat cloth.
  6. #6: Get your gun serviced by qualified personnel.
  7. #7: Keep the gun in a safe place after using it.

#4. Precautions Regarding Weather

  1. #1: Don’t spray paint on rainy and cloudy days.
  2. #2: Avoid spraying when the wind is blowing.
  3. #3: Don’t spray in the scorching heat of the sun.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the common problems with the spray gun?

Among the common problems of the gun is the leakage in the fluid nozzle, blockage of particles in the nozzle, paint drying in the nozzle, the needle doesn’t seat well, etc.

How does an HVLP spray gun work?

HVLP spray gun works utilizing compressed air from the nozzle to atomize a liquid changing it into a controlled pattern.

What are the main parts of your Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun?

The main parts of the Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun are the needle, Pressure control knob, fan control knob, fluid volume control knob, a hosepipe and paint tank, etc.

What is the suitable weather to spray paint?

For spraying paint, the weather should be pleasant neither rainy nor hot. Because the weather affects the shinning of the paint and slows down the speed of your work, it must be considered well before starting work.


In this era, modern scientific inventions have revolutionized every field of life and made life easier and more comfortable. In the painting industry, the influx of spray guns has completely changed the working nature. Those days are gone when the traditional brush was the only tool for painting.

The use of different spray guns especially the use of Harbor Freight HVLP Spray Gun has not only minimized the working hours but also made it an enjoyable job.

The professionals, as well as the beginners, can get equal benefits. The more carefully you use the gun, the better result it gives you.


Hi, Cristopher here. I have been working in the home improvement industry for the past 15 years, and I have developed strong expertise in spray guns and paint sprayers. I have a deep understanding of how these tools work and how to get the best results from them. In addition to my practical knowledge, I am also running this website dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for using spray guns and paint sprayers.

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