How To Use Husky HVLP Spray Gun?

Spray guns are the tools used to spray paint or varnish on a surface like metal, wood, clay, stone, porcelain, plastic, glass, textile, etc. They are the basic tools for painting services in the manufacturing industry.

These tools were invented in 1888 in the United States to make the painting job easier than the traditional brush technique. Many developments were made afterward.

How Does A Spray Gun Work?

The spray gun works with compressed air. To paint an object through the gun, the paint is taken in a cup or tank, mixed with the help of an airstream, the trigger is pressed, and the mixture of paint is released through a little nozzle in a fine spray.

What Are The Main Parts Of A Spray Gun?

  1. A tank in which paint is placed in the shape of a mixture.
  2. An airhead, the most important part of the gun which affects the quality of the result.
  3. A flow regulator determines the amount of paint that comes out through the nozzle.  It is normally placed in the trigger or handles.
  4. A nozzle or a peak. It is the place from which paint is released. The nozzles can be changed according to the need of the operator.

What Are Husky HVLP Spray Guns?

As HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure, these are the guns that are used with a high volume of air to spray and reduce the ratio of wasting paint up to 75%.

It is very different from the traditional brush technique and other guns.

Some HVLP spray guns provide hot air to dry the paint on the surface, dissolving it more quickly so that the clouds of paint may not be formed.

In this way, a higher proportion of paint reaches the surface quickly.

What Are Husky HVLP Spray Guns

The transfer efficiency rate of Husky HVLP spray guns is very excellent. They don’t waste the material.

An expert operator can work at high speed saving a lot of time as well as money. But if the guns are used with high pressure, they may waste the paint.

The paint through these guns gives a nice and clamoring look because there is no overspray anywhere and clouds of paint on the surface.

There are regulators in most of the Husky HVLP spray guns to adjust and control the machine easily.

Tanks or cups of different varieties and capacities are used. They are made of plastic and aluminum. They have a copper air cap ring, stainless nozzle, and needles also.

How To Use Husky HVLP Spray Gun?

The Husky HVLP Spray Gun can be used accurately following the instructions given below.

  • Step#1: First of all open the gun and adjust its parts respectively.
  • Step#2: Adjust the air compressor at 90psi to deliver the compressed air to the HVLP spray gun.
  • Step#3: Now pull the trigger of the spray gun and set the air regulator at 40psi or according to the material and surface.
  • Step#4: Fix the air inlet valve at the handle end to make the air volume stable.
  • Step#5: Adjust the knob of the gun at the right-hand thumb to pull it clockwise or the opposite.
  • Step#6: Set the output volume with the help of the knob.
  • Step#7: Turning clockwise will give a shorter stroke of paint and anticlockwise will send more paint.
  • Step#8: Take the paint; mix it with water or oil.
  • Step#9: Run the mixture of paint through a fine filter or cloth to strain it.
  • Step#10: Fill the paint tank with a maximum of the ¾ of it carefully
  • Step#11: Remove all the impurities so that they may not block the tip of the gun.

 The Adjustments Process Is Completed, And The Husky Hvlp Spray Gun Is Ready To Use Now;

  • Step#1: Fill the tank or reservoir of the gun with a mixture of paint.
  • Step#2: Switch on the power and turn on the air compressor.
  • Step#3: Spray a light coat on the wood or some sheet of cardboard.
  • Step#4: Don’t spray more on a place to save overcoating.
  • Step#5: Spray on the wood continuously to get a soft and reliable coat.
  • Step#6: Coating twice is easier to remove overcoating.


Regarding Work Place

  1. Clean the work area as it may not be slippery or covered with dust.
  2. The explosive material and flammable liquids may not be nearby.
  3. The ignition gasses should be removed.
  4. Keep the visitor or children away from the workplace.
  5. Disconnect air while adjusting the machine.
  6. Remove the thing near the surface you don’t want to paint.

Regarding Self Safety

  1. Use the dust mask on your mouth
  2. Wear glasses for eye protection.
  3. Cover your head with a hard cap and hands with gloves.
  4. Wear safety shoes
  5. Don’t use the tool under the effect of drugs.
  6. Don’t wear loose clothing or jewelry etc.
  7. Don’t use the broken ladder and unstable support
  8. Clean the tool neatly after using it

Frequently Asked Questions

How much pressure does a spray gun need to run?

It depends on the working position and the variety of guns. The smoothly working pressure range is between 15 to 50 PSI.

Why does splitting come in an HVLP spray gun?

If the nozzle of the gun is not properly adjusted or screwed into the right place, it causes splitting or dripping.

What does the “HVLP” word stand for?

It stands for “High Volume Low Pressure” meaning the high volume of air at low air pressure.

What is the common issue that often occurs in spray guns?

The most common issue often happening in HVLP spray guns is the leaking from the fluid nozzle because of the loose fluid nozzle or dried paint remaining in the nozzle. So always keep the nozzle clean.

In A Nutshell

Husky HVLP spray guns are widely used in all Industries to paint products. They help to get the job done rapidly and easily.

They save time and labor. Even small business owners use it in their working place. With the revolutionary changes in all fields of life, the painting industry’s progress keeps no bounds.


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