Wagner 350 Paint Sprayer Reviews

Wagner 350 is an ideal Paint Sprayer for both larger DIY tasks and small to medium-scale professional projects. It can be well for spraying new buildings, walls, ceilings, furniture, metal, and many other interiors and exterior renovations.

It is a next-generation of the airless spray system. It has been designed with HEA technology. You can use Wagner 350 to spray well with high control, performance, and less overspray.

The Wagner 350 airless paint sprayer comes with adjustable spray pressure and a 15-meter hose.

It can cover 15m² in only 2 minutes. If you have a mind to buy Wagner 350, this brief article will help you a lot.

Features of Wagner 350 Airless Paint Sprayer

WAGNER GROUP is very famous for producing high-quality and standard tools for paint companies, workshops, and home workers. The Wagner 350 airless paint sprayer has the following features.

#1. HEA Technology

Wagner 350 is an innovative technological paint sprayer. You can use this sprayer to spray with high control and get excellent performance.

Editor Choice

Wagner Airless ControlPro 350 R Paint Sprayer

According to my experience, this is the best for enamels, vinyl, gloss, and varnishes.

  • High-efficiency airless technology with reduced spraying pressure.
  • It is a lightweight airless spray gun with a two-finger trigger for more precision.
  • This is the best for enamels, vinyl, gloss, varnishes, acrylic paints, wood preservatives, stains, primers, and undercoats.

#2. Less Overspray

Wagner 350 is operated with reduced pressure; so it can lead to a softer and controllable spray. You will get the result of less overspray.

#3. Direct Suction Tube

It is very difficult to carry a paint bucket with you particularly spraying high surfaces. But Wagner 350 has a good suction system to get paint directly from your paint can.

Its flexible suction tube is really an impressive feature and you won’t need to refill the gun.

#4. Pressure Gauge

When spraying paint with a sprayer, you often need to check the pressure and adjust it according to your work nature and the type of paint. Wagner 350 has a pressure gauge to show precise pressure at all times.

#5. Longer Hose

If you are a professional painter, you often have to work in places that are very hard to reach with a paint material bucket.

The Wagner 350 is featured with a 15-meter hose to help you reach higher surfaces easily.

#6. Sturdy Stand

All sprayers need a sturdy stand to sit well on the ground. The Wagner 350 is also loaded on a stand that allows the unit to sit perfectly and doesn’t move/vibrate while spraying.

#7. Durability

The Wagner 350 airless paint sprayer has lower spraying pressure, so it puts very less stress on the system and the system can run last. Less stress guarantees the long life of the unit.

#8. Easy Use Sprayer

You can use Wagner 350 airless paint sprayer more easily than many other sprayers.

The reduced pressure always results in less bounce back and takes low trigger pull force. So with some basic knowledge and practice, you can spray paint with this sprayer.

#9. Two-Finger Trigger

Wagner 350 is a very lightweight airless paint sprayer decorated with a two-finger trigger.

The two-finger trigger as the name shows keeps you easy and comfortable while using it for a longer time and you won’t feel any fatigue.

#10. Carry Handle

Wagner 350 doesn’t have wheels to move the sprayer from one place to another. But it has a solid practical carrying handle that helps you to carry the unit easily for changing its location.

#11. Price

Wagner 350 airless paint sprayer is an expensive paint sprayer. It is particularly designed for commercial use. You can use it for completing larger projects.

FAQs about Wagner 350 Airless Paint Sprayer

What type of paints can be sprayed with a Wagner 350?

Wagner 350 can spray oil-based paints, and water-based paints like chalk-type, latex paints, milk paint, primers, enamels, polyurethane, clear sealer, stain, and varnish.

What difference do you find between Wagner 250m and 350m?

There is a wide difference in power between both the sprayers. Wagner 250 is a lighter model while the Wagner 350 is a heavier model machine.

Can I paint my car with a Wagner 350 sprayer?

The Wagner 350 is an easily portable spray system. You can use it for applying paint to your automobiles/car. You don’t need to add any other equipment to it.


The Wagner 350 airless paint sprayer is ideal for spraying larger projects. It is a multipurpose spray gun that can handle a variety of materials.

You can easily use it on multistory buildings because it has a long hose to facilitate your work.

The powerful suction system of the gun frees you from the fatigue of carrying a bucket with you. The sturdy stand, two-finger-trigger, and carry handle to make your work much easier.

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