What Kind Of Paint Is For The HVLP Spray Gun?

There are different kinds of paint available in the market. Different compounds and comical are used to produce these paints. So these paints have different levels of viscosities. A high level of viscosity or thickness can cause different types of clogs on the surface when they are sprayed with different paint spray guns.

When you use an HVLP spray gun to spray paint on a surface successfully, you need to make the paint solution according to the requirement of your HVLP spray gun and the thickness of the paint.

The paint mixed thickly or improperly can’t be sprayed even on the surface. It will look clumsy and damage your gun also.

Importance Of Paint Mixture For HVLP Spray Gun

When you search for the answer to the question of how to mix paint for a spray gun, you have to look into the quality of the paint and the type of the gun. If the paint is mixed properly, the gun will spray it smoothly and professionally.

But if it is not mixed properly, it will damage the gun and produce bad results, because it totally depends on the technique you spray and the way you mix the paint.

So it is very important to be careful when thinning the paint so that it may not result in an uneven and inconsistent surface.

How Do You Mix Paint For The HVLP Sprayer?

Fortunately, painting mixing is not a difficult task or any rocket science; it is a very simple and easy process. Does it generally depend on your choice of what kind of paint you use in a spray gun?

With a little consideration, you can easily mix the paint well as will fit well when sprayed with an HVLP spray gun.

I will guide you in this article clearly the whole process of thinning paint according to your gun’s features.

How Do You Mix Paint For The HVLP Sprayer

You just need to read this article carefully step by step and follow the instructions respectively.

You will surely learn about what paint to use with a paint spray gun and will be able to mix the paint well for your HVLP spray gun.

How To Thin Paint For HVLP Paint Spray Gun?

By learning the right way of mixing paint for your HVLP spray gun, you are in the right place. Here I am going to describe the process in detail.

Things To Do Before Start Mixing Paint

You often use different types of paint such as water paint (latex paint), oil paint, enamel, primer, etc. You have to do the mixing job carefully.

  • #1: Gather all the needed supplies with you
  • #2: Take a bucket of at least 5 liter
  • #3: Keep a sufficient amount of water near you or
  • #4: Keep mineral spirits according to your paint
  • #5: Keep a filter/ strainer near you
  • #6: Keep a stirring stick to mix the paint well with you
  • #7: Keep a sieve or a clean piece of cloth
  • #8: Keep a piece of sheet or cardboard to test your mixed paint

The availability of all these things will ensure you continue your job easily and not leave the process in half.

Step #1

First of all, take the paint container, open it with a knife and shake the container carefully. If it is water paint, mix 10% water in every paint gallon and stir it well.

If it doesn’t get the desired level of consistency, pour some more water and if it is already thinned, pour some paint until the mixture gets the ultimate level of consistency at which you can use it to spray with your HVLP gun.

Step #2

When you have poured water and mixed the paint well, pour it through the paint strainer.

If your mixture passes the strainer easily, you can load the gun to spray the paint. If the mixture doesn’t pass easily, repeat the mixing process to get the right consistency.

Step #3

Now mix some more water to thin your paint according to the features of your gun. Adding 10% more water will give you the desired result.

Remember one thing you should always maintain the paint’s color and adhesive quality every time mixing more water.

Now if the mixture passes through the strainer easily, you have got the right consistency.

Step #4

When you have thinned the paint properly and got the right consistency.  It is the right time to load your HVLP spray gun for the primary test.

So after filling the gun, apply it to the rough sheet or surface to test the viscosity of the paint and the performance of your HVLP spray gun.

If it gets a smooth, even, and clear spread, you can move forward in the normal way. If it doesn’t get the proper spread, repeat the step.

Step #5

Now both your mixed paint and gun are ready to use. So keep the surface you want to color in the right position and start spraying. Focus on your work to get the fine final result.


The time consumed in mixing paint will help you to do your work easily saving labor and time.

Thinning Process Of Oil-based Paint

The mixing process of oil-based paint is almost the same; you just have to mix oil or thinner in the place of water with different quantities to get the right consistency.

But here you have to be a little more vigilant as chemicals in the oil can harm you rather than water.


Do you have to thin paint for an HVLP sprayer? If yes, follow the under-mentioned instructions to avoid any inconveniences.  So take all the necessary protective measures as

Precautions Regarding Weather, Place, And Time

  • Schedule your time for mixing keeping in view the weather forecast
  • Select the right place for performing your job
  • Spread a sheet on the floor to save the floor

Precautions Regarding Paint And Spray Gun

  • Keep all the necessary supplies near you
  • Open the paint gallon away from the flammable material
  • Keep your gun clean and unplug before filling
  • Adjust the right nozzle for the job
  • Always clean the gun after using it to stop the paint to congeal

Precautions Regarding Self Safety

  • Wear gloves on your hands
  • Wear fully covered glasses on your eyes
  • Put on full covering shoes
  • Put on a mask to avoid the smell of the paint
  • Cover your head and ears


Can The Latex Paint Be Thinned With Mineral Spirits?

Latex paint has its own spatiality as it is a water-based paint. So it can’t be thinned using petroleum products.

They are two different liquids that can’t be mixed together and also stop paint from sticking to the surface.

Can You Use House Paint In An HVLP Spray Gun?

Yes, house paint can be used in an HVLP spray gun easily. But you should be most careful in mixing paint because it totally depends on the consistency of the paint to be used in an HVLP spray gun.

How Can I Get The Right Viscosity Of Water-based Paint?

It is very simple and easy to get the right viscosity of the water paint. Take a gallon of paint and mix 10% water in it, if you get the right mixture use it, otherwise use more water or less water until the mixture passes through the strainer easily.

Is It Necessary To Filter The Paint Before Filling The Gun?

Yes, it is necessary because the paint keeps many impurities that can block the gun and cause overspray and smudges on the surface. So filter the mixed paint using a good sieve before filling the gun.


You have hopefully found the answer to your question about how you mix paint for the HVLP sprayer after reading this article. There are many techniques to spray paint and many ways to make or mix paint for your gun.

It is very important to know the proper use of guns and the proper mixing of paint to get the right consistency. It will save your time and labor giving you an excellent result.


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